Padeen Industrial Limited
PADEEN originates from a combination of printing terms PAD print and SCREEN print. Our original intention in establishing this company was to provide Chinese made pad and screen printing equipments and supplies to global customers.
PADEEN was founded in 2005 and is one of your most trusted Chinese suppliers of pad and screen printing systems. PADEEN is committed to becoming not only a supplier of products, but also a reliable guarantee of information, experience, service, and technical support, far beyond direct sales of printing systems. We are willing to design and select the best solution based on customers' demands for their printing technology, and manufacture high-quality products that have a positive impact on customers.
Our 8 areas of focus include:
  • Printing supplies
  • Pad print systems
  • Digital print system
  • Textile print systems
  • Screen print systems
  • Stencil making systems
  • Auxiliary printing systems
  • Customized print systems

ARTEX World of Advertising

At ARTEX, guided by interest, responsibility, authenticity and honesty, we take care of the tomorrow we want.

The future

Always maintaining the highest quality standards, and subjecting every level of our business to constant inspections and improvements, our goal is to continue to honor the trust that consumers show in our products, and to offer the best in the advertising market.

Customer support

The design, design and production conditions are performed based on the standards set by ARTEX, so that our customer has full support based on the latest European standards. At ARTEX we take care of the reasons why you chose us to remain intact during our collaboration.